LogViewer 1.1 for Total Commander Print
Written by crydev   
LogViewer 1.1 - this is Lister-plugin (wlx) to the Total Commander to view the text log files, with autoreload(tail, as in the Far manager).

- Ability to view very large files (5Gb or more)

- Quick, does not load the processor and memory
- Ability to set text color, depending on the content of strings
-Text searching and filtering

Скриншот logViewer

To install enough to go into the archive in Total Commander, and to respond positively to the request to install or unpack the archive into a folder and add new plug-in logViewer.wlx in Total Commander settings (Settings / Plugins / Plugins view. WLX).

Default extensions for viewing are equal [. Log]  and can be customized in settings.

Hot keys:

Ctrl F - search
F3 - find next
Ctrl F3 - find backward

Free for personal non-commercial use, for other categories require a license to use.
1 single license  - 10 EUR
To purchase, please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download LogViewer 1.1
* In this version correctly displays only non-unicode encodings, in unicode - only Latin symbols.